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At The Life Curators, we’re professionals who come from corporate backgrounds and have a range of experience and expertise in administration, project management, events production and the creation of business infrastructures essential for growth, service quality and success.


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“Lara and Marta are the fastest people we've ever met to complete tasks in the most diverse areas. We feel that everything is handled in the most efficient and friendly way, which makes everyone around them love not only being their clients (like us) but also their suppliers. At the end of the day, their work means that we don't have to manage several daily stresses and, above all, no bureaucracy. We can fully recommend The Life Curators’ services.”

Entrepeneur couple - USA

“Working with The Life Curators has been truly amazing and stress-free. As business owners our time is limited by our busy schedules, so having Marta and Lara help plan our time effectively is really important to maintaining a good work-life balance. No task is ever too big or too small, and we would highly recommend their services to anyone!”

Ivan Kovachev & Lissele Pratt, Capitalixe Founders

“Lara's work is incomparable! Fearless, competent and unstoppable, there is no bureaucracy she can't solve! She took care of all the red tape around my passports, arranged my interview with SEF, and even helped me to rescue all those certificates and vouchers that were more difficult to obtain in the process! With Lara's help, our problems turn into nothing!”

Pedro R., Brazil, entrepreneur

“The Life curators have been of immense help in organizing my personal and family life. I feel that because of them I have improved so much on my life balance, they are true stars!”

Maria Gaio, UK, EU Acquisitions Manager

“There are situations in people's lives that need to be dealt with. Boring, bureaucratic, stagnant situations that we sometimes leave aside or we simply don't know where to start… The life curators! Much more than a service, it’s a way to move forward with your life! My name is Alessandra Monteiro and I am lucky to have met Lara Kloosterboer and her team. They are women of arms, quick, brave, and honorable. Qualities in today's times absolutely necessary ❤️”

Alessandra Monteiro, Brazil, Jeweler

“For two years, I have been working with The Life Curators to provide support in my personal and professional needs and I could not have been happier with the service Lara and Marta have provided. Lara and Marta are very business-minded individuals who are deadline oriented and results driven. Their ability to manage my personal and professional requests helped me to maintain a very busy professional schedule and a robust social life. These ladies were also very reliable in terms of special event planning, which often dealt with long hours and short timelines. Lara has great taste and understanding of fine living , which made it seemingly easy for her to achieve my requests with a high standard. Marta is a passionate and well connected epicurean in the Lisbon food community and was always able to recommend incredible restaurants and chefs around Portugal. The Life Curators’ team is very well-respected among their clients and there are many of us who trust them with confidential personal and business details that we would not normally entrust to just anyone. Lara and Marta are reliable, trustworthy, caring and the kind of professional you want to Curate your best Life.”

Jason Lyn, USA, Interior designer