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Picture yourself hopping on a last-minute first class. Fly the globe without a care in the world. Relocate somewhere, no need to pack. Find the perfect house without even looking. Open a store, finish the decoration or close the deal, no big deal. Get a godsend stylist or an angel assistant, amen. Walk the dog from the office. Have the house ready for a late dinner. Plan a party, book the chef and invite the guests all in a single text. Write the story, we’ll make it happen. As the Life Curators, We’ve got it. We’ll worry so you don’t have to.

Meet our team
of Life Curators

Lara Kloosterboer Westphalen
Founder & CEO

M. +351 918 947 900

Lara Kloosterboer Westphalen was born in the Netherlands and studied in Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. She has worked on various Relocation and Event Management projects over the course of 15 years. Lara thrives on the emotion of making her clients happy. She is highly attentive to detail, and anticipates her clients’ every needs and wishes. She is experienced and reliable and has worked closely with c-level executives and other high-level managers in all types of companies.

Lara is also a member of the Worldwide Women’s Association, a New York City-based premier international registry and networking forum dedicated to aggregating and honoring top professionals, executives, and business owners of organizations, businesses, and associations throughout the world.

In a world that moves and changes quickly and where people have an increasing need to get solutions promptly, Life Curators’ team is key.

Marta D’Orey


Marta D’Orey was born in Portugal, and has studied in Barcelona. She has 20 years of experience in Event & Project Management, that is why she likes to keep everything organized in Excel Sheets and Agendas. Her passion is problem solving, and she believes that happiness comes from keeping balance in your life.

Having worked for multinational companies but also for small family businesses, she understands the importance of keeping your life organized and stress free, and planning your time more effectively. Her life motto is “managing your time wisely improves work-life balance and increases happiness”.

Guadalupe Barrera – Spain

Guadalupe is multi-lingual in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She lives in London and has been working in concierge services and fashion since she can remember. Her knowledge of luxury is vast as she has been studying it since a very young age, for pure pleasure.

She has a Degree in Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon. Besides that, she has a Diploma in Fashion Consulting from the University of San Pablo CEU and, later on, she completed a Certificate in Fashion Business from the FBI Fashion College in Sydney, where she lived for a full year. Her creative vision and digital literacy, flawless attention to detail, forward-thinking, and problem-solving ability are some of her soft skills.

Due to her pursuit of making others feel good about themselves, her dream is to make clients satisfied, and help them feel confident wherever they go in the world.

Charlotte Cole – UK

Charlotte Cole was born in London and, as the daughter of a diplomat, she had the privilege of having lived in various parts of the world throughout her childhood and youth.

She currently lives in Chelsea, London, but the whole world still runs through her veins.

She studied sociology at Yale, in the United States, but what moves her is making her clients’ dreams come true through travelling.

The management and organization of holidays in less obvious places around the world is what she likes to solve most.

She excels in her searches for the most incredible places to visit.

Maria Eduarda Campos – Brasil

Maria Eduarda is our girl from Rio.

She studied architecture and urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a wonderful city where she says she wakes up every day looking at Christ the Redeemer and where she takes advantage of every day to work out on the most famous sidewalk in the world.

<span”>At first, she wanted to work in her academic field because it was her passion, but it wasn’t easy, so it was as a personal assistant that she found the work she loves to do most.

She is the person that all of our Latin American clients turn to – everyone loves her dedication!

<span”>She’s our sweetest “carioca” and there’s nothing we don’t need that she doesn’t find and help.

Emma Kwok – Singapore

Emma Kwok lives in Singapore where she was also born.

Emma has a degree in strings & harp from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore, which is currently one of the leading music conservatories in Asia that offer world-class undergraduate programs.

She is highly organized and methodic and is by far the person on the team who most thoroughly organizes all of her tasks.

What she likes the most is solving issues related to art and amazingly enough, she loves solving bureaucratic problems.

Valentina – Austria

Valentina Resel is Austrian but was born in Venezuela. Due to the mix of cultures, she is fluent in several languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, and German.

<span”>Graduated in Marketing and Advertising in Lisbon, she also studied hospitality and management at a prestigious school in Salzburg and had the opportunity to work in large multinational companies.

<span”>Having worked in family-owned companies, she quickly learned the importance of gaining trust and building relationships with customers through values such as organization, attention to detail, and perfectionism, since these are qualities she uses in her daily life.

We are +30 Life Curators
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