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My multicultural journey has shaped not only who I am as a person, but also my approach as CEO of a global concierge company.

My experience in different cultures has helped me understand the needs and desires of clients from around the world, and this translates into offering exceptional concierge services. I will share five crucial insights that helped me growing my business worldwide.

Cultural Adaptation:

Living in different countries has taught me to be flexible and adaptable to different cultures and traditions.

The ability to understand and respect cultural nuances allows me to offer personalised service to clients, regardless of their background.

Linguistic Diversity:

Speaking Dutch, English, Portuguese, and now learning Brazilian Portuguese enables me to communicate effectively with a wide range of clients.
Language is a powerful tool for building connections and understanding the specific needs of each client.

Understanding Regional Preferences:

Each country has its own preferences in terms of food, culture, lifestyle, etc.
My multicultural experience allows me to understand these nuances and offer personalised recommendations that cater to the individual tastes of each client.

Global Problem Solving:

Dealing with clients from different parts of the world, I encounter a variety of challenges and requests. My multicultural experience helps me think creatively and find effective solutions to the most complex problems.

Time Optimisation:

In an increasingly globalised world, time is a valuable resource.
My understanding of cultural and geographical differences allows me to optimise clients’ time by providing quick and efficient solutions.

My journey from the Netherlands to Portugal and Brazil has provided me with a wealth of experiences and knowledge that directly translate into my work as CEO of a global concierge company.

By understanding and appreciating different cultures around the world, I am able to offer exceptional services that meet the needs and desires of diverse clients. My multicultural experience is a significant advantage that allows me to make a difference in the lives of my clients, helping them solve problems and optimise their time wherever they are in the world.

Remember: the true essence of wealth lies in the diversity of experiences and the ability to share these treasures with the world.

Writen by Lara Westphalen